Jellyfish Mobile introduces a robust tokenomics model centered around the JFISH token, powering the SIM3 ecosystem. This model is designed to drive demand, enhance security, and reward participation through a series of strategic mechanisms. The JFISH token serves 4 functions:

  • Developer Subscription Integration: dApps collaborate with the SIM3 system to manage critical security notifications, including SIM swaps, device modifications, or wallet changes. The need for JFISH tokens is determined by the event's frequency and volume, which typically scales with the size of the dApp's user community. This establishes a direct link between the operational intensity of the dApp and its JFISH token requirements.

  • Token Exchange Program with dApps: Jellyfish Mobile encourages dApps to integrate more deeply into the SIM3 ecosystem through a token exchange initiative. In this arrangement, dApps can trade their proprietary tokens for JFISH tokens, which are then used to access SIM3 services. The tokens acquired from dApps through this exchange are deployed by Jellyfish Mobile for user airdrops, fostering a dynamic ecosystem that not only promotes dApp integration but also enhances the user experience by offering a "self-sustaining SIM."

  • Rewarding SIM3 Users: Tokens obtained from dApps via the swap program are redistributed to SIM3 users as airdrops, incentivizing participation and loyalty within the ecosystem. This strategy not only boosts user activity and commitment but also elevates the intrinsic and tangible benefits of owning and utilizing SIM3 SIMs.

  • Governance and Voting Mechanism: JFISH tokens are set to empower on-chain voting processes, enabling token holders to influence which dApps receive swap allocations for airdrops. This governance model fosters a democratic ecosystem where JFISH token holders can directly contribute to strategic decisions, ensuring that the community's preferences and interests guide the allocation of resources and rewards within the SIM3 platform. This initiative not only enhances the utility of JFISH tokens but also promotes a participatory and collaborative environment among users and dApp developers.


  • TGE: 1B

  • CEX Allocation: 560M

  • Public: 190M

  • Team: 150M

  • Airdrop: 60M

  • Pre-seed: 40M

Vesting Period:

  • Team Tokens are vested for 3 years

  • Discounted OTC Deals are vested for 1 year

The Jellyfish Mobile Tokenomics structure is meticulously crafted to sustain a vibrant, demand-driven economy that benefits all stakeholders within the ecosystem. By aligning the interests of dApps, users, and the broader Web3 community, Jellyfish Mobile's SIM3 project sets a new standard for security, utility, and user rewards in the digital age.

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