Introduction and Vision


SIM3, developed by Jellyfish Mobile, represents a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of mobile telecommunications, merging the traditional functionality of SIM cards with the revolutionary capabilities of Web3 technologies. This innovative product is designed to enhance mobile security, streamline digital asset management, and empower users with decentralized solutions.

SIM3 is a state-of-the-art SIM card that integrates seamlessly with existing mobile devices, offering standard telecommunication features alongside a hardware-based Web3 wallet. This dual functionality enables secure management of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies and tokens, directly from the user's mobile device. The SIM3 platform is engineered for easy access to blockchain networks and decentralized applications (dApps), without the need for additional hardware, transforming the mobile phone into a hub for both traditional connectivity and modern digital transactions.

The Vision

The vision behind SIM3 is to redefine mobile connectivity by offering a secure and decentralized solution that empowers users in the digital age. By leveraging blockchain technology, SIM3 aims to provide enhanced security features, such as improved user verification, secure communication channels, and proactive real-time monitoring. This ensures that users' digital identities and assets are safeguarded against emerging threats. Furthermore, SIM3's integration with Web3 technologies positions it as a pioneer in bridging the gap between mobile telecommunications and the decentralized ecosystem, facilitating a seamless and secure user experience across both domains.

Jellyfish Mobile envisions SIM3 as a catalyst for transformation in the telecommunications sector, driving the adoption of decentralized technologies and fostering a new era of digital empowerment and innovation.

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