Strengthening Crypto Security: Jellyfish Mobile's Response to Recent Hacks

by Gerard Campbell (

Crypto security breaches are making headlines once again, with high-profile figures and platforms falling victim. These incidents emphasize the urgency for stronger crypto security. At Jellyfish Mobile, we're taking decisive steps to confront these threats. **Mark Cuban's Loss: A Warning** Mark Cuban recently revealed an $870,000 loss to a crypto scam. Even prominent figures aren't immune to cyberattacks. Events like this just keep on highlighting the importance of security. **Stake's Heist: A $41 Million Hit** Crypto casino Stake faced a $41 million hack. Co-founder Edward Craven assured users that wallet keys weren't compromised, but unauthorized withdrawals from a hot wallet exposed vulnerabilities that were exploited with serious consequences none-the-less. **CEX Woes: A $53 Million Blow** CoinEX, a cryptocurrency exchange, suffered a $53 million hack. Such incidents amplify the need for advanced crypto security right now, not later. **Jellyfish Mobile's Security Commitment** In the crypto security landscape, Jellyfish Mobile is a bastion of resilience. We merge Web3 tech with telecom infrastructure to provide unmatched security and control over digital assets. **Enhanced Security Features** 1. **True Privacy Cold Wallet**: Isolates your cold wallet from your phone's OS. 2. **Secure Boot Process**: Ensures software integrity to prevent unauthorized changes. 3. **Remote Management (OTA)**: Receive security patches remotely. 4. **RSA & ECC**: Provides secure digital signatures. 5. **AES128 Encryption**: Safeguards data with encryption. 6. **SIM Swap Prevention**: Allows recovery through seed keys. 7. **Cold Wallet Address Obfuscation**: Enhances privacy with obfuscated wallet addresses. **Empowering Users** We provide web3 wallet addresses, decentralized identifiers (DIDs), and self-custody cold wallets for managing assets all from your mobile phone via Jellyfish Mobileโ€™s Wallet-On-SIM. Our JFISH token enables community influence and even seamless local currency transactions. In a crypto landscape full of risks, Jellyfish Mobile stands strong, enhancing security. Join us in a future where users truly own and control their digital experiences. Discover more at

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