Package Handling

Our SIM3 module encapsulates cutting-edge technology in two package formats: the 56 DFN and the 2.52.7 WLCSP. The dual packaging options offer flexibility for different device requirements and manufacturing processes.

Package outline for 5*6 DFN

56 DFN: Optimized for robustness and compatibility, the 56 DFN package meets the MFF2 standards defined in ETSI TS 102 67, ensuring high interoperability and reliability for embedded mobile applications.

Manufacturing Compliance

The package outline conforms to industry manufacturing standards, providing assurances of mechanical durability and thermal stability. The design accommodates thermal expansion and contraction, preventing physical stress that could lead to component failure. Additionally, the package is designed to withstand the rigors of reflow soldering processes, a testament to its suitability for high-volume production environments.

Environmental Considerations

The materials selected for the 5x6 DFN package are chosen for their low environmental impact and compliance with RoHS regulations. The package is resistant to moisture absorption, reducing the risk of damage during temperature and humidity fluctuations that are common in global logistics and deployment.

PIN-out Assignment for 5*6 DFN

  • SIM3's physical connectivity is designed to ensure robust performance and compatibility across a range of mobile devices. Adhering to the MFF2 standard, as defined in ETSI TS 102 67, the SIM3 features a 5*6 Dual Flat No-leads (DFN) package that aligns with the stringent requirements for embedded SIMs in the modern landscape of machine-to-machine communication.

  • Compliance with ETSI TS 102 67: Our commitment to industry standards is evident in our compliance with the MFF2 definition, ensuring that the SIM3 seamlessly integrates into the existing telecommunications infrastructure. This compliance not only facilitates a high level of interoperability but also underscores the reliability and future-proof nature of the SIM3.

Package outline for 2.5*2.7 WLCSP

2.5*2.7 WLCSP: This package boasts an ultra-compact footprint with a meticulously organized array of solder bumps, designed to provide a comprehensive suite of electrical connections vital for the module's operation within the mobile ecosystem.

PIN-out Assignment for 2.5*2.7 WLCSP

The SIM3 module is equipped with a meticulously organized 2.5x2.7 WLCSP (Wafer-Level Chip-Scale Package), featuring an array of solder bumps arranged to provide a comprehensive suite of electrical connections. Each bump is designated for a specific function, crucial for the module's operation within the mobile ecosystem.

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