SIM Swaps Stopped!

by Gerard Campbell (

In the realm of cybersecurity, the menace of SIM swaps has haunted us for too long. Just recently some well known business leaders have been the target, and subsequently sustained huge losses. Not to mention all the average crypto users who have fallen prey to this nefarious tactic.

But the tide is now turning, and Jellyfish Mobile is leading the charge. Through a strategic shift via the Jellyfish Mobile SIM card, we're eliminating the reliance on vulnerable mobile numbers and ushering in an era of user-generated and owned crypto-wallet addresses. The result? A decisive blow to the notorious SIM swap attacks.

No longer will your digital identity hang in the balance of a simple phone number. With Jellyfish Mobile, your security is elevated to new heights. By embracing a self-generated user-controlled DID (Decentralized Identity) right there on the spot with our SIM on your mobile phone, we're thwarting the tactics of attackers who exploit the flaws in mobile carrier systems.

With the Jellyfish Mobile SIM in your phone, your digital identity is created by you with no third parties involved. If you lose your phone, no problem. You access your ID again with your seed keys at any time from your new device, and no-one can hack your ID from the old one. Really safe, really secure, really simple to use.

This paradigm shift marks a turning point in the battle against cyber threats. As we forge ahead, SIM swaps will become a relic of the past, a fading memory of a time when vulnerabilities were exploited. SIM swaps stopped. Thatโ€™s the name of the game!

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