Phase 1 : Capturing the Market


As Jellyfish Mobile embarks on the pioneering journey of enhancing telecommunications with blockchain technology, Phase 1 of the SIM3 project lays the foundation for a secure, decentralized mobile experience. This phase introduces a suite of features designed to protect users' digital identities and assets, marking a significant step toward a safer Web3 integration.

Phase 1 Features

  • Blockchain-Enabled SIM Swap Detection

  • Device and Location Change Alerts

  • Secure Event Notification for Wallet Transactions

  • Protection against Dust Attacks

  • Panic Button for Immediate Response

How it works

The diagram illustrates the process by which a Web3 wallet client utilizes the SIM3 card to sign transactions for a decentralized application (dApp). Here's the simplified step-by-step explanation of the diagram, numbered 1 to 3:

  • Web3 Wallet: The user starts with their Web3 wallet, a digital wallet that allows them to store, manage, and transact with cryptocurrencies and tokens. This wallet is equipped to interact with blockchain technology.

  • SIM3 Network Connection: The SIM3 card within the user's mobile device connects to the SIM3 network, which likely provides a secure and direct channel to communicate with blockchain services.

  • Transaction Signing: Using the SIM3 card's features, the transaction initiated by the user in their Web3 wallet is securely signed. This step is crucial as it ensures that the transaction is authenticated and authorized by the user's unique credentials stored on the SIM3 card. The signed transaction is then sent to the blockchain network. The blockchain verifies the transaction using cryptographic methods and, once confirmed, the transaction is recorded in the blockchain ledger. This process ensures the integrity and immutability of the user's interaction with the dApp.

Through these steps, the SIM3 card facilitates a secure, efficient, and user-friendly method for engaging with decentralized applications and services, leveraging the security features of blockchain technology.

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