Device Change, Device Location Change, Connection Availability Detection

Attack Mechanism:

  • Device or location changes can indicate unauthorized attempts to access user accounts, often a precursor to fraudulent activities.

  • When a SIM loses connection to the network for long periods of time, often this is also a precursor to risk of fraudulent activities.

SIM3 Solution:

  • Leverages cellular network geolocation insights and advanced device management systems to vigilantly track any unforeseen alterations in device usage or location. This proactive monitoring mechanism guarantees that both users and dApps receive prompt notifications regarding any possible security incidents.

How It Works:

  • Geolocation Tracking & Device Fingerprinting: Continuously analyzes user handshake data for anomalies in device use or geographic location, comparing them against established patterns.

  • Network Availability Tracking: The SIM3 network will track the lost of access of the SIM3 device with the cellular network. Upon detecting perlonged periods of inactivity or lost of connection, dApps and users will be notified and dApps can proceed to preform a limited access for the wallet address.

  • Proactive User Alerts: Sends real-time alerts for unusual device or location changes, requiring user confirmation to proceed with sensitive transactions or account changes.

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